Dog River Confidential
Dog River Confidential
This colourful book is packed with everything fans want to know about their favourite show. There's an episode guide for seasons four to six with astounding trivia found nowhere else, such as which cast member is an American and how Corner Gas nabbed guest stars such as Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Bublé. We go behind the scenes and discover the real-life inspirations that shaped each storyline. Burning questions are answered, like, "Will there be a movie?" and "Why does Hank always wear the same hat?" The stars recall their most memorable moments and outrageous outfits, and reveal which items they took home as souvenirs. We discover all the inside jokes—cameo appearances by the writers, secret references to friends and family—and the adventures and mishaps that occurred during filming. Finally, we go on-set for the emotional last day of shooting, and critics and producers talk about how the show changed Canadian television.
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