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Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation
From the award-winning television series Degrassi: The Next Generation, here are 14 songs which are pivotal to memorable scenes and stories. These songs are as diverse as the characters and plots of the series. They range in style from rock to rap, from haunting to rocking, from thoughtful to just plain fun.

And just as Degrassi is proudly Canadian, we are pleased that most of these songs are written and performed by Canadian songwriters and artists.

On the enhanced CD, you'll find an explanation of how each song was used in a scene from Degrassi: The Next Generation and why it was chosen. Also included are bonus clips from the series, featuring some of the talented Degrassi cast members performing in character. Enjoy!
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Track listing:

Degrassi Theme - Jackalope
Heartbreaker - Tuuli
Beautifully Undone - Lindy
Midnite Rider - Supergarage
Secret Splendour - Buck 65
Hard Road - Sam Roberts
Rooftop - Melissa McClelland
Suburbs - Junior Achiever
Feel It - Jackalope
I Don't Want To Be Me - Amanda Clemens
White Lightning - The Premiums
Down and Out - Evren
Just Jane - Christopher Rouse
Degrassi Theme (Extended Version)